Tim W. Brown 
   State Representative

Ohio's 3rd District



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Endorsements & Issues


Endorsements; Tim Brown has been endorsed and supported over the years by:


     National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) - Tim Brown has been endorsed  by the NFIB Safe Trust, an Ohio organization of over 24,000 members.  "Your knowledge and sensitivity to business issues were key factors in our endorsement process.  We believe, based on your philosophies....you will be a positive and proactive voice on behalf of small businesses while in the Ohio Legislature."  Roger R. Geiger, VP/Executive Director NFIB/Ohio Safe Trust.


  Ohio Chamber of Commerce OCCPaC - is the official political action committee of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Its sole purpose is to supportcandidates who demonstrate their commitment to strengthen Ohio's economic climate.


     The Ohio Manufacturers' Association - staff and members are looking forward to working with you on the issues that will enhance the job-creating capacity of Ohio manufacturing including: improving the workers’ compensation system, streamlining environmental permitting, creating a comprehensive state energy policy, preserving the broad-based low-rate integrity of the commercial activity tax (CAT), and fostering an effective workforce development system.

Our goals are mutual: to create the best possible environment for Ohio manufacturers to flourish and create jobs, to foster opportunity for all Ohio businesses to succeed, and to make it possible for all Ohioans to have a high quality of life.

OMA is a volunteer-driven organization of 1,500 member companies that is the voice of manufacturers at the Ohio General Assembly and before state regulatory agencies.  We represent manufacturing companies of all sizes, from every part of the state, importantly including the 3rd Ohio House district!

  Ohio Farm Bureau Federation - Agriculture for Good Government - "We are pleased to inform you that you have received the 2012 Friend of Agriculture designation for your strong support of Ohio agriculture."  Ohio has a $107 billion agricultural industry which employs one out of seven Ohioans.


Ohio Restaurant Association - "On behalf of the Board of Directors of the ORA - I am pleased to inform you that ORA has endorsed your candidacy...  The Board made their decision based upon the candidate's relationship with ORA members, our perception of whether the candidate is approachable and open-minded, the candidate's leadership skills, ....an endorsement by the ORA was made to candidates who our Board believes support public policies that will allow the restaurant industry to grow and prosper."  Richard Mason


    Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants - Your candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives has been formally endorsed by the Ohio Society of CPAs for the November 2012 election.  The Ohio Society of CPAs represents more than 22,000 CPAs working in business, education, government, and public accounting.  The Society's Board believes you will be a positive influence in the Ohio General Assembly. 


    Toledo Board of Realtors - It is with great pleasure that I share with you the committee decided to support your campaign.  We truly felt the exchange of ideas and the conversation was beneficial to us....Megan Meyer Foos, CEO, Toledo Board of Realtors.



International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)- Local 18 - "I am pleased to have the support of the IUOE - having their training facility in Wood County is greatly beneficial to our workforce."  - Tim Brown     The International Union of Operating Engineers is a progressive, diversified trade union that primarily represents operating engineers, who work as heavy equipment operators, mechanics, and surveyors in the construction industry, and stationary engineers, who work in operations and maintenance in building and industrial complexes, and in the service industries. IUOE also represents nurses and other health industry workers, a significant number of public employees engaged in a wide variety of occupations, as well as a number of job classifications in the petrochemical industry.


Ohio Right to Live  - The mission of Ohio Right to Life is to promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, from the time of fertilization until natural death.


Victory Fund   Mission:  To change the face and voice of America's politics and achieve equality for LGBT Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT officials at all levels of government.



  Ohio State Medical Association - The Ohio State Medical Association PAC (OSMAPAC) is a statewide association representing 20,000 Ohio physicians, residents and medical students and we are proud to endorse your candidacy. We are dedicated to making the practice of medicine less complicated and more satisfying for physicians, their staffs and patients...the OSMA is affiliated with the American Medical Association on the national level and county medical societies on the local level.


NRA - National Rifle Association of America -PVF - Endorses Tim W. Brown for State Representative in Ohio's 3rd District with an AQ rating - for being a candidate who supports the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.



Buckeye Firearms Association - Endorses Tim W. Brown for State Representative in Ohio's 3rd District!   Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities, including self-defense, hunting, competition, and recreation.

Buckeye Firearms Association

Defending Your Firearm Rights



    The Ohio League of Conservation Voters, a non-partisan organization working to ensure that our air, water and land is clean and healthy for all Ohioans, has announced its endorsements for the 2012 state elections.  The League is pleased to endorse Tim Brown, of Bowling Green, who is seeking election to the Ohio House of Representatives from the 3rd District.  Brown is a strong supporter of the League’s premier effort— continued support of the Clean Ohio Fund program, which provides funds for brownfield clean up, recreation trail construction, protection of farmland and unique conservation lands, saving the best of the best for all Ohioans.




Jobs and Economic RecoveryAs a County Commissioner, Tim Brown worked hard to attract hundreds of new jobs and over $400 million in business investments - a record of success that he will take to Columbus as our new state representative.  From industrial, to transportation, to alternative energy, medical, and retail, Wood County is experiencing growth in good-paying jobs and showing the rest of the country how to beat a recession.  While we have much to be proud of in Wood County, work remains to be done in improving our economy.  Priority one in Columbus will be policy that creates a tax friendly environment for our hardworking families and small businesses and removes useless over burdensome government regulations.   We need to return health to our communities for the benefit of all of our citizens!

During Tim's 14 years as commissioner, he has worked across the aisle at the local, state, and federal level to create and retain jobs in our communities.  Tim's dedication to growing Wood County's economy with good paying jobs has been the cornerstone of his time in service and he will bring that experience to Columbus.   Tim has the bi-partisan work experience to advance our county's economy and put our citizens first.  He has already forged important working relationships with officials in our State Capitol which will allow him to hit the ground running with a broad range of experience to better serve Wood County.  We need Tim Brown's experience, working for us in Columbus!


Keeping Taxes Low - As Commissioner, Tim Brown refused to raise taxes.  When the economy took a turn, Tim Brown voted to cut government spending.  The county sales tax has remained the same for more than 20 years, creating a business-friendly environment, while helping hardworking taxpayers and their families meet their personal budgets.

Out of 88 counties in Ohio, only 5 have a lower sales tax rate than Wood County.   In Columbus, Tim Brown will continue to fight tax increases that will harm our economy, stifle our recovery and get in the way of job creation. 


Focusing on Education - We're blessed to have great schools and world-class colleges in our county.  Tim Brown will work to improve public schools, job training, and higher education by advocating for students instead of burdensome mandates and bureaucracy from Columbus.  Tim Brown worked to develop the county's job training programs to ensure that our hardworking citizens are getting the education and job training necessary to keep our workforce well trained and ready for job growth.  Brown is committed to reforming our education system so that every child can reach their full potential, so they can go on to live a happy, healthy and successful life.  Each child can learn and must be afforded the opportunity to develop their own individual skills through Ohio's education system so they are in the best position to go on to college or be competitive immediately in the workplace, EVERY child, NO exceptions!

Knowledge ~ Skills ~ Preparation for life should be the outcome of what our children learn!  If we imagine better for our children, we will succeed.


Healthy Citizens = Healthy Workforce - As Commissioner, Tim Brown, has been a pioneer in healthy workplace initiatives that range from transitional work duties for injured employees, as well as one of the most applauded employee wellness programs in the State.  Tim Brown gets health care and has helped reduce tax payer costs associated with county employee insurance by developing health and wellness programs that benefit taxpayers and county employees.


Agriculture - Last year Wood County was number one in the production of wheat and soybeans and number two in the production of corn.  Out of 88 counties in Ohio, these statistics firmly tell the story of how important agriculture is to our Wood County economy.

Every egg served in every Bob Evans restaurant in America comes from Wood County.  We are also home to the largest hamburger patty producer in the World.  Keystone Foods in North Baltimore, with over 300 employees, process over 1 million pounds of hamburger a day resulting in 5-7 million hamburger patties.  Keystone supplies 1/3 of McDonald's restaurants their patties for hamburgers, cheeseburgers and Big Mac's.  Wood County is helping to feed America and we should be proud of our Agricultural heritage and the jobs agriculture brings to our citizens.  I look forward to promoting agri-business in the Legislature and supporting programs like the ag-linked deposit program to provide working capital for farmers; and  encouraging new and innovative farming practices to enhance productivity while safeguarding our environment.


Environment, Environmental Training & Jobs - As Commissioner, Tim Brown, has led the charge for a greener environment.  As Chairman of the region's Air Quality Task Force for over 14 years, Tim Brown has worked hard to encourage citizen participation in Ozone Action efforts to keep our air clean for our citizens.  When presented with the opportunity to make Wood County home to the first 4 electric generating wind turbines in Ohio, Commissioner Brown said yes.  "I am proud of Wood County's reputation as the renewable green energy leaders in our State.  We are home to the nation's largest solar panel manufacturer under one roof, First Solar and I intend to continue to support green initiatives that are good for our workforce and our economy.   

When members of the Toledo Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) - asked the Commissioner to support their efforts to secure a grant to build a wind turbine at their facility to prepare young apprentices for their wind turbine certification courses, Tim Brown supported the effort.  Today, northwest Ohio is home to well over 100 full scale wind turbines - and thanks to the courses offered at JATC, we have a well trained workforce to meet the needs of this new industry. 




Paid for by: Citizens for Brown, John F. Kevern, Treasurer, 2352 Homestead Dr., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551